Saturday, January 10, 2015


Ebenezer, my new home!!! (1 Samuel 7:12 God has helped me) These photos below are amongst the first  I took of Ebenezer, I did not know that this would be my new home. Only after looking at about fifteen houses and doing a SWAT analysis did I know that this would be my home.

Chapter two starts here.................................................

Driving down a street in Pmb, as I watched Autumn leaves fall, I felt that God was speaking to me about the season in my life.  This is what He spoke to me about
Autumn is a time when leaves fall to the ground, they have served their purpose in that season, now the dead leaves fall to the ground.  I was in the Autumn of my life, being stripped bare of everything near and dear to me.
Winter is a time when trees look stark, bare, cold and dull, my winter started as I packed up and started looking for a home in Underberg.  The stark reality of this time in my life was very traumatic.
Spring is a time of new growth, bright colours, as I moved to Underberg in September, spring was in the air, new growth showing in the trees lining the road into the village.
Summer a time of growth, planting, sowing seeds, watering and being fertilized.

The first photo that I took from my balcony.  
Pine, Pine and more pine.................... watch this space
Special living area with many memories being made

Oh my gosh..............can one ever make a garden on such a steep sand stone bank.  This looks like a barren land!!! But watch this space...........

Winter views......................... watch this space!!!!!

Berg, Birds, Hikes and Funky plants

October snow covered mountains, my new view, my new life has started, Underberg seems to be a very special place.  Lots to do and lots to see!!!!!
View from Ebenezer during October!!! Snow!!!!
Nick, Dave and Rina
My first attempt at hiking in the Berg

Nick, Rina and baby David on our first hike in the mountains.
So now I live in a double story house, can look over the balcony and walk across a swaying bridge without falling over.............

 Some interesting plants, names to be discovered at some stage.

During November I dusted my camera, drove to Marievale with Dave and here below are my attempts at some bird photography!!!

Springbrook Memories

September a time of tears and memories, I pack up to leave the farm and move to my new home in Underberg.

I will miss this view from my garden
Sunsets on Springbrook farm, a place of special memories
Kaytee May and Joe both precious pets I had to give away when I moved

Misty moments

A road to new beginnings

Storm clouds
Without seeds we would not have new life
My faithful old lady................Tessa Jane has no idea her life is going to change forever


Family Fun

Caleb's 7th birthday celebration
Caleb's 7th birthday  celebration

Wow, Mom a box cake!!!!

Karen and Asher

Emma and Nathan at the Highflats show sale
Nathan at Highflats show sale

Emma at Show sale

August at Imfolozi

On the 10th of August, Gwen, my parents and I set off for our annual trip to Imfolozi, we stayed at a bush camp which was super.

I wonder what these old eyes have seen

Tea............Coffee...................or just one sick old man

Mother and child
Lots of game, very little water, warthogs had to wait till these guys moved off before they could quench their thirst. 

After a drink, it was scratch butt time

Trip to Aliwal North

Trip to Aliwal North
Stunning sandstone formations between Elliot and Barkley East

Kramberg Mountain Aliwal North

Kramberg Mountain Aliwal North
Wow the rock formations on Kramberg are amazing